What to do in an Accident

Importance of Knowing What to Do Following an Automobile Accident.

There is a lot of uncertainty for people who have just been involved in an automobile accident about what to do immediately afterward. Few realize the actual effect the moments following an auto accident can have on the ability to recover financial compensation. At Mark A. Hammer & Associates, Inc., we have helped accident victims throughout western Washington and Puget Sound for 30 years. We recommend you do the following after auto accidents to ensure the safety or yourself and others, and to preserve your legal rights:

• Safety first − Your top priority in auto accidents should be the safety of yourself and others. If your engine is running, turn it off. Warn other motorists of the accident by turning on your hazard lights. Before exiting your vehicle, check around you for oncoming traffic.

• Call for help − If you or someone else is hurt in the accident, dial 911 for help. The fire department and police should be dispatched to your location within minutes.

• Make a record − Once everyone’s safety is accounted for, it is a good idea to record as much information as you can. Take note of the weather, road, and traffic conditions with a pen and paper or a cellphone. You can use your cellphone’s camera to take pictures of the accident. Also, get the contact information of witnesses and other people involved in the accident.

Qualities to Look for in Choosing Your Puget Sound Attorney

There are a lot of things to look for in an attorney. To sum it up in one phrase, your attorney should be a “good fit.” What exactly constitutes a good fit will differ from one person to the next, but the following are two important traits that many people look for in choosing their attorney:

• Experience − It is important to choose an attorney that is well suited to handle your case. One measurement of an attorney’s suitability is their experience. You may prefer to choose an attorney who has handled a case like yours before, as opposed to one who has not.

• Accessibility − To get the most of your attorney-client relationship, it is important to choose an attorney who is accessible. Too often clients are kept in the dark about the progress of their case, and find it difficult to get their attorney on the phone. What’s more, some attorneys can only speak English as noted in our FAQs for hurt immigrants. You may want an attorney who will keep you on top of new developments in our case, and who makes himself or herself available to answer your questions.

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