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With the widespread use of automobiles in Washington today, automobile accidents are practically unavoidable. In recognition of that truth, emphasis among automakers and consumers alike has shifted in recent years towards improved vehicle safety. Cars today are said to be on the cutting edge of passenger protection. Modern design and manufacture is supposed to keep occupants safer than ever before in the likely event of a collision. Nevertheless, not every risk has been eliminated. Very real dangers continue to exist. One of these dangers is the incidence of fuel fires.

For victims hurt in automobile accident fuel fires, it is important to speak with an experienced automobile accident attorney right away. An experienced car accident lawyer can help determine what caused an fuel fire, and how resulting injuries affect a victim’s life. This information can be used to pursue a civil action against the vehicle manufacturer or the defective part, holding them accountable and preventing others from being similarly injured. Mark A. Hammer & Associates, Inc. has 30 years of experience helping automobile accident victims throughout western Washington.

Frequent Causes of Fuel Fires in Traffic Accidents

Car accident fuel fires are most often started when an automobile’s fuel tank is crushed or pierced upon impact with another vehicle. Gasoline leaks from the crushed or pierced fuel tank and is ignited by the wreckage. Flammable materials within the vehicles’ interior and trunks can feed the fuel fire allowing it burn hotter, longer.

Several decades ago, automakers began to realize that placement of fuel tanks at certain points of an automobile’s chassis left the tanks vulnerable to being crushed or pierced in a collision. You may recall the infamous Ford Pinto of the 1970’s. The Pinto’s fuel tank was located just behind the vehicle’s rear axle. It quickly became notorious for fuel fires that erupted after rear-end collisions. The Pinto is not the only vehicle that has presented a heightened risk of automobile accident fuel fires. Indeed, many vehicles on the road today are susceptible to fuel fires in rear-end collisions and other accidents, like rollovers.

Fuel fires can leave accident victims with painful burns on their body. These burns can lead to infection, limited mobility, disfigurement, post traumatic stress disorder and other complications.

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