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Commercial drivers are always on the road. All day long they travel from one destination to another and back again. There are frequent stops to pick up goods here, and drop off goods there. With such constant stop and go driving and crisscrossing from one point to another, it is no wonder commercial driver accidents, like semi-truck accidents, are so common and many people are in search of a CDL traffic ticket lawyer.

For a victim harmed in an accident with a commercial driver, it is important to speak with an experienced auto accident lawyer to help you right away. An attorney can not only explain the consequences of an injury, but also note the legal options available. At Mark A. Hammers & Associates, Inc., we have three decades of experience helping accident victims recover for their injuries.

Dangers Inherent to Use of Commercial Trucks

Commercial trucks are large, heavy vehicles. They are deliberately large so drivers can go about their business throughout the day with fewer return trips for unloading or reloading. But for all their utility, commercial trucks are particularly dangerous:

Safety Tips for Users and Loved Ones

• Bigger, bulkier vehicles tend to have more blind spots. Even with their mirrors, commercial drivers cannot see 365 degrees around them. Their visibility is much more limited than smaller passenger vehicles.

• These vehicles are much larger than ordinary automobiles and more difficult to maneuver. The extra size results in greater damage in a collision, and the lack of maneuverability makes collisions more likely in emergency situations.

Common Injuries for Victims Hurt in Commercial Driver Accidents

By virtue of their size and weight, commercial truck accidents tend to be severe. Injuries to commercial truck accident victims vary, but frequently involve significant trauma to the head, neck, and back, including concussions, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and paralysis, as well as severe skin abrasions. Other injuries include broken arms, legs, and ribs, sprained knees and wrists, dislocations, and torn muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

For some of these injuries, associated complications can be permanent. For others, the recovery period is only a matter of weeks. Whatever the injury, and whatever its severity, it is critical to consult with an accident attorney as soon as possible. As noted in our car accident FAQs, an attorney can give perspective to an injury and help determine whether legal action is warranted. An attorney can also help decide the source from which recovery can be sought, an issue covered at length in our uninsured motorist FAQs.

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